My name is Gregory J. Pietrocola III. I have created this website to find distant relatives. The relatives I want to find are from Vasto, Italy with the last name "Pietrocola." If you have any information, please send me an email and the messages will be displayed in this website.

Family Tree Email

Please look at my family tree and see if you can find a relative.

Family Tree

If your family is not on the family tree, here are other Pietrocolas from other towns of Italy.

Families of Other Towns

You can send me an email to:


Other websites with the name Pietrocola.

Other Pietrocola Websites.

Other websites with Pietrocola business and Pietrocola art.

Business and Art

I have a journal on my family research and visits to Italy.

Family Research Journal

Here are some facts about the Pietrocola Family.

We are related to Gabriel Rossetti, the great poet and patriot from Vasto.

Pietrocola means rock bird.

We have a family tree that starts in the year 1635.

We have a family crest.

Pietrocola Family Crest