Early Reseach Done on the Family Tree

Rumors of being related to Gabriel Rossetti. 1980’s


            I recall when I was in college my Uncle Joe told me the story that our family, the Pietrocola family, were related to Gabriel Rossetti and his children Dante and Christina Rossetti. I really was not too sure on who these people were, but my Uncle Joe told the name of a Pietrocola. The name was Teodorico Pietrocola Rossetti. I could not believe that I was able to find my last name in a book because my name is not a common name. It was then and there that I knew I was hooked on family research and genealogy. Later, I would find the mother of Gabriele Rossetti who was Maria Francesca Rossetti, but whose maiden name was Pietrocola. This was the connection to my family that I was looking for, but it was just one piece of a huge puzzle.


            To get an idea how big of a puzzle I was looking at it came down to making my first family tree. I recall I wrote down the few names and birthdates and death dates I had recorded. I started with Gabriele Rossetti, Maria Francesca Pietrocola, her father Nicola Pietrocola, and their cousin Teodorico Pietrocola Rossetti. Then I wrote down the birthdates and death dates of myself, my father, and my grandfather. That was all the information that I had and I started to see the whole picture. I figure that most people lived to their sixties and had children in their twenties and I estimated that number of generations between myself and Maria Francesca Pietrocola and her husband Gabriele Rossetti. I figure that was at least six to seven generations of Pietrocolas between Maria Francesca Pietrocola and me. I thought to myself that maybe it is possible to link my grandfather, Gregorio Pietrocola to Maria Francesca Pietrocola and her father Nicola Pietrocola. Photo of Maria Francesca Pietrocola.


Michele Di Pompo and the book Histonium ed Il Vasto. 1988-1989


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